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5 women's football documentaries not to be missed - Xoilac 1

4 women’s football documentaries not to be missed – Xoilac3

Are you wanting to explore the world of women’s football? Do not go away! We have prepared amazing documentaries and series just for you, and you can watch them now.

Prepare to be inspired as you witness the passion, determination and incredible achievements of female footballers both on the field and off. With these shows, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the sport and the amazing stories that make women’s football so captivating.

So, get your popcorn ready and get ready for a front row seat to enjoy the game!

City of Angels (2023)

If you’re looking for a compelling documentary about the challenges and successes of starting a professional women’s soccer team, you should watch ‘ Angel City ‘ on HBO. This three-part documentary takes you behind the scenes of Angel City FC, a team that emerged in the NWSL in 2020 . With a predominantly female ownership group behind them, they began their first season in 2022 facing excitement and uncertainty.

‘Angel City’ on HBO offers an intimate look at the trials and tribulations of starting a professional sports team from scratch. This documentary series showcases the dedication and hard work of players, coaches and staff as they navigate the complex aspects of the world of football. You’ll witness the emotional highs and lows, the victories and setbacks that come with building a team in a fiercely competitive league.

One of the highlights of ‘Angel City’ is its focus on the female perspective in the world of women’s football. The documentary highlights the empowerment and representation that a predominantly female ownership group and a team committed to promoting gender equality in sports brings. It sheds light on the challenges women face in sport and the determination needed to overcome barriers and create opportunities for future generations.

Through interviews with players , coaches and team managers, ‘Angel City’ offers an in-depth understanding of the passion and commitment needed to establish a successful women’s football team. This is a must-see for anyone interested in the development and progress of women’s football and the inspirational stories it creates.

Matildas: The World Beneath Our Feet (2023)

The journey of the Matildas women’s team to the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is recorded in a six-episode film that will surprise you. As the host of the upcoming tournament, the pressure on the Australian women’s national football team is huge.

This documentary takes you behind the scenes and gives you an exclusive look into the preparations and difficulties the team faced ahead of the most anticipated event in women’s football.

From the first episode, you are immediately drawn into the world of the Matildas. You witness the strong emotions, sweat and tears during their rigorous training sessions. You see the dedication and determination of the players as they push themselves to the limit, both physically and mentally. It’s an emotional journey as you witness successes and failures on the road to the World Cup .

The film also explores the personal lives of the players, giving you a look at each of their individual journeys and the sacrifices they made to get to this point. You hear their stories of resilience and perseverance, and can’t help but be inspired by their passion and love for the game.

What sets this film apart is its ability to capture the team’s camaraderie and solidarity. You feel the bond between the players, the trust they have in each other and the unwavering support they provide. It is a testament to the power of teamwork and the power of standing alone.

LIONESSES: How Football Comes Home (2022)

LIONESSES: How Football Came Home by Poppy de Villeneuve is a documentary that showcases England’s success at UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 and will leave you in awe of their incredible achievements. This gripping film takes you on a thrilling journey, giving you a front row seat to witness the amazing determination and passion of England’s women’s football team.

From the opening scenes to the final whistle, LIONESSES: How Football Came Home captures the essence of the tournament. You’ll feel the anticipation and excitement as the team progresses through each match, facing tough opponents and overcoming incredible challenges. The documentary not only showcases on-field images, but also explores the personal stories of the players, revealing their sacrifices, hardships and triumphs.

When you watch the film, you’ll witness the unwavering support of the fans, the cheers and praise ringing through the stadiums. National pride and unity abound, creating an electric atmosphere that sends shivers down your spine. The stunning documentary captures the power of football to unify people and inspire the creation of community.

But it’s not just the wins that make this documentary compelling. LIONESSES: How Football Came Home also shines a light on the challenges women face in the sport and the fight for gender equality. It celebrates the progress that has been made, while highlighting the work that remains to be done.

LFG (2021) stands for “Looking for Group”, a documentary released in 2021.

LFG (2021) is a powerful film, showcasing the patience and determination of the US women’s national soccer team as they fight for equal pay and gender equality in the sport. This documentary takes you on an emotional journey, capturing the highs and lows of their fight and shedding light on the systemic problems they faced.

From the start, you will be immersed into the world of these amazing athletes. You witness their tireless training sessions, their unwavering dedication, and their unwavering belief in their abilities. You feel their frustration when they encounter barriers and discrimination, and you cheer them on when they challenge the existing order.

The film also explores the private lives of the players , giving you a look at the sacrifices they make for their sport. You see the effects it has on their relationships, their families, and their own mental and physical development. But through it all, their passion for the game and their fight for equality never wavered.

LFG not only highlighted the difficulties of the US women’s national soccer team, but also shed light on the larger issue of gender inequality in sports. It sparks conversation about the value placed on women’s achievements and the need for equal opportunity and compensation.


That’s it! These four documentaries and series about women’s football are a must-see for any fan or newcomer to the sport.

From the inspiring story of Angel City to the incredible journey of the Matildas, these programs offer an in-depth understanding of the sport and the admirable achievements of its female players.

With the convenience of streaming platforms, you can easily access these compelling stories that contribute to the growth and visibility of women’s football. Relax and enjoy the world of women’s football unfolding before your eyes. Join Xoilac3 to see more exciting football news.  

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